“The preparations of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD.” Proverbs 16:1

This was the first of our family bible study passages when I came home. Upon reflection of everything that transpired this year, I was once again struck how, in all things, God works and is sovereign. My right response is to trust in Him wholly.

The past four months, I interned at Bloomberg on the Listed Derivatives Real-Time team. My team manages the functions in the Bloomberg Professional Service that provide real-time monitoring of the option market. For my internship, I designed and implemented a system that reflected market sentiment on binary pharmaceutical events. This was accomplished using a quant model that used the option market and an assumption of a jump on the event date to provide sentiment analysis. I communicated with many people in different teams during this project, and have learned much from each of them. I had an amazing mentor always willing to guide and help, and a wonderful manager who encourages me to constantly be on the look for more interesting challenges. In many ways, it seems that I’ve seen another realm and set of perspectives of our world. A world whose crux is the market, and knowledge and analysis of events is value. A world I did not know became mine, and its once-foreign terms floating through the office – such as volatility, liquidity, options, ticker, arbitrage – later became words that held meaning to me.

New York was also an adventure. At first, New York was a busy, dirty, unsafe city. Pedestrians rushed past each other, cars beeped, and the green line was a nightmare during rush hours. When dusk fell, every movement startled me out of my skin. Crossing streets felt equivalent to risking my life. However, as time went on, New York became home. I became the first to initiate street-crossing, a few subway stations became mine, and the newsboys’ “good morning” became a part of my life. I’ll remember the lady who sold me congee in a small shop in Flushing, Queens, the jolly pizza store owner in Brooklyn, the most kind waiter who welcomed us to fried chicken, the lady who fed us duck soup in k-town, and the kind security guards at 92Y and Bloomberg. In New York, I also experienced another world in arts. From the MET to MoMA, from skating to breakneck [ridge], from piano to singing, from Bach to Dvorak, from Eastman to NYPhil, from Chinese to German. It’s been unforgettable.

I’m exceedingly thankful to the people who’ve shared NY with me. I’m thankful for my pastor at Redeemer, for the security guards who greet me in the morning, for the people who [sometimes] smile at me on the sidewalks, for the lady who let me squeeze into the subway car, for coworkers, for mentors, and for security guards at work and at ESB. I’m especially for the love and support of family and friends. Everything is more beautiful when shared.

I’ve learned a lot and experienced much grace this past year, and venture into the new year with thanksgivings and with a renewed spirit to fear, love, and serve my God.